Rhinoplasty is now offered at Silk Touch Cosmetic Surgery and Med Spa. Dr. Jason Nealy performs rhinoplasty (open and closed) at our state of the art surgical suite in Boise, Idaho.

Rhinoplasty alters the shape or size of a patient’s nose, can fix deformities and asymmetries to meet a patient's aesthetic goals. Rhinoplasty can also aid in fixing a variety of nasal conditions.

Rhinoplasty can treat:

  • Size: nose that is too large, small or wide compared to other features
  • Enlarged or drooping nasal tip
  • Position: crooked or slightly positioned wrong
  • Bumps and defects on the ridge of the nose
  • Pinched or flared nostrils

How long is the downtime? What is the healing process like?

Downtime is different for everyone depending on their job and how comfortable they are being in front of people if they are still swollen or bruised. If the nasal bones are not repositioned recovery is faster- swelling and bruising has decreased at two weeks and sutures have come out. When the nasal bones are repositioned bruising and swelling are worse and may take three weeks for resolution.

The final result is not seen for one year. It takes time for ALL of the swelling to resolve and for the skin to respond to the changes underneath.

Who is an ideal candidate for surgical rhinoplasty?

Healthy individuals who dislike specific features of their nose- a hump, drooping tip, wide nose, etc. It’s important to have realistic expectations- no nose is perfect. It is normal to have minor asymmetries and contours of the nose.

Are there any risks?

As with all surgical procedures, you can expect some risk. Risk includes: bleeding, infection, asymmetry, poor wound healing or scarring, need for revision, difficulty with nasal breathing and septal perforation.

Alternative treatments: Liquid Rhinoplasty

Pairs well with: Facial Fillers, Botox

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