Statement on COVID-19

We are excited to announce our plan to re-open our doors on Friday, May 1st.

Governor Brad Little announced  that we will begin Phase 1​ of a ​4 Phase​d​ plan to OPEN UP IDAHO AGAIN.  It is important that we all do our part to flatten the curve which means that we continue to obey social distancing and wear masks in public.  Our businesses are all at risk of being closed again if we do not heed our national and state guidelines. 

Phase 1 (May 1 – May 15)

“Non-essential businesses other than those excluded in the amended order, (may)  implement plans for reopening demonstrating ability to meet business protocols.” The only businesses that Governor Little specifically states must stay CLOSED are: Hair Salons​, ​Gyms​, Bars and Restaurants (until May 15).​

We are a nationally  accredited medical facility with long standing policies, practices, procedures and training in infection control.  We are reviewing  the state and federal CDC recommended protocols and guidelines on a daily basis and are implementing them along with our existing comprehensive infection control plan. We appreciate your cooperation in helping to “Crush the Curve” and keep our entire community safe.

​We are available by phone to answer your calls and schedule appointments starting today to Friday, May 1. 

​We encourage you to pre book your appointments as early as possible.  ​(208) 939-3110


New Appointment Guidelines and COVID-19 policies & procedures for Silk Touch Medical Aesthetics:

Medical screening of all staff and patients will include the following:

1. Questionnaire: In the past 14 days, have you or anyone you have been exposed to, had signs or symptoms of an upper respiratory infection including:  fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.   If so, please reschedule your appointment.

2. Temperature screening:  All patients and staff will be screened upon entering our facility with a FLIR camera.

3. Hand Sanitizing: Alcohol hand sanitizing stations in every room of our clinic.

4. Social Distancing: Ample waiting areas to allow social distancing of at least 6 feet from other clients. (patients may also choose to wait in their car until they can be escorted directly to a treatment room).

5. Rigorous infection control practices by all Silk Touch staff including: Strict hand washing between patients. High Touch disinfection: cleaning & disinfection of high touch areas in treatment rooms between patients and attention to other high touch areas in the office. Wearing of PPE by staff:  Staff will be required to wear masks.

6. Patients required to wear masks:.  Masks may be homemade but should be clean and tight fitting and should be put on before entering the building.  They may be removed under the direction of staff for short periods for treatment purposes.   

7. Additional best practices as necessary and recommended by the CDC.

8. No additional guests: Please do not bring children or guests with you to your appointment.  One adult family member may accompany you if deemed necessary and appropriate by the Silk Touch medical staff.


Silk Touch Medical Aesthetics