Face Rejuvenating Treatments – Boise

29674629 Combining world-class medical training and extensive experience, Dr. Brian Kerr and his team can address your aging and facial cosmetic concerns, with unmatched artistic skill, and natural results.

At Silk Touch Med Spa, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest quality solutions to all facial aesthetic needs. We offer services ranging from non-surgical full-face rejuvenation to pigmentation correction and anti-aging

Quote from Dr. Kerr

“I really enjoy using Cosmetic Fillers and Fat Transfer and BOTOX to restore the face to a more youthful look. My clients tell me how much they appreciate my artistic approach and of course they love that I can do it with minimal discomfort. Using my skills as an artist an anesthesiologist with a cosmetic training, I treat each of my patients as a canvas, using an artist’s eye to sculpt areas of the body just as I can sculpt a piece of clay into a work of art.” – Dr. Brian Kerr