Fat Transfer

If you’d like to slim down in one area while adding more curves to your breasts or buttocks, fat transfer may be a great option. You’re in good hands with Dr. Jason Nealy, who is triple board certified in cosmetic surgery.

How does Fat Transfer work?

Both the area from which the fat is harvested and the treatment site are numbed with local anesthesia. Using a small cannula, fat is collected from areas such as the abdomen or thighs, and is then re-injected into the buttocks, enhancing its size and shape. The fat has to be injected carefully in order to achieve the desired contour and profile. By placing small amounts of fat in multiple threads, the likelihood that the fat particles will be surrounded by a nourishing blood supply is increased, maximizing the transplanted fat’s chance for survival.

Fat grafting has to be performed very meticulously to increase the chance of survival of the grafted fat cells. The injected fat has to be carefully and artistically injected in order to achieve the desired contour and profile.

Taking your own fat from an area where you don’t want it and transferring it to any area that can improve and enhance your figure is a dream come true. What better way to use a wonderful resource such as your own tissue. If you are having liposuction and considering fat transfer it comes down to this…..you don’t have to lose it…you can now use it!

What People Say About Us!

All of the staff at Silk Touch are amazing! Dr. Nealy is the best surgeon. He is very attentive to all my needs before and after having my procedure. Happy patient happy doctor! Those are his words to me. Beyond blessed to have found him. Why travel when the best is right here local.

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BBL – Brazillian Butt Lift using Fat Transfer

The goal of a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is to add size and shape to your buttocks. This is done in combination with our liposuction procedure. Our doctors use lipo to harvest fat from an unwanted area, such as your abdomen, and then this fat is injected in strategic locations across the buttocks to add volume and improve shape. Our doctors are artistically trained in not only just creating volume, but also sculpting a natural more full shape that meets your aesthetic goals.

Fat transfer to Breast – Natural Breast Augmentation

Fat transfer can also be used for natural breast augmentation. This is a great option for those who are already having a liposuction procedure or are not candidates for surgical implants. Fat transfer to breasts is a suitable option for those who are looking for a very mild increase in breast size, about one to two cup sizes. For those who want to enlarge their breasts significantly, add a lift or change the shape, they may be better suited for a breast augmentation with surgical implants. Dr. Nealy and our team will provide expert advice but ultimately proceed with the best procedure to help you achieve your goals.

Other fat transfer procedures include: Fat transfer to face or hands for volume rejuvenation. However, our staff prefers the longevity and efficacy of facial fillers for this area.

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