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Elevate your skincare journey with our expertly curated collection of skincare essentials, where science meets luxury for a radiant and revitalized you. Crafted with precision, each product is purposefully designed to address individual concerns, enhance your innate beauty, and deliver transformative results. The flexibility to customize ensures these skincare essentials cater to the unique needs of all skin types. Elevate your skincare routine with Silk Touch Rx for a revitalized and radiant you.


Essential Night Cream

This brightening, gently exfoliating, antioxidant rich cream is highly transformative for any skin type. Our clinicians can customize and enhance this product to address unwanted discoloration and uneven skin tone, texture, wrinkles and acne.


Bright C

Our potent antioxidant serum contains vitamins C & E and Ferulic acid. We compound this product fresh at the time of purchase to ensure the highest level of potency and efficacy. Our clinicians can also add a brightening solution to this lightweight serum to address dark spots, unwanted discoloration and uneven skin tone.



A gentle and hydrating facial scrub that also serves as a hydrating mask. Hydrascrub is a lactic acid cream cleanser with a delicate, hydrated silica bead for gentle exfoliation, to smooth and hydrate flaky, rough and dry skin. After gently massaging your face with the Hydrascrub, if left in contact with your skin for 3 - 5 minutes the lactic acid will hydrate and leave your skin feeling smooth and plump.


Hyaluronic Moisturizer

Our Hyaluronic Moisturizer contains crosslinked hyaluronic acid that is capable of holding 50,000 times its weight in water to lock moisture into your skin and reduce natural water loss. Ceramides and ceramide precursors help to restore your skin's natural protective barrier and keep your skin hydrated and in optimal health to withstand environmental aggressors. This lightweight lotion can be used on any skin type.

mini peel pad

Mini Peel Pads

A combination of 3 hydroxy acids that provide a multitude of benefits. Improve your skin's texture, restore a healthy and reflective glow, reduce bacteria, redness and discoloration. The exfoliation can be adjusted by limiting or extending your contact time after gently applying the rough cotton pad to the area to be treated. To give yourself a chemical peel that may result in dryness and extended flaking or peeling you can leave them on for a few hours or overnight. Find the result that best suits your skin's needs by adjusting your contact time and frequency of use.

We offer a large selection of skin care products, utilizing the latest research and technology.

Our Skincare Product Include Brands Like:

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