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Silk Touch Med Spa and Laser Center is Boise and Eagle, Idaho’s alternative to plastic surgery offering the latest technology in cosmetic procedures such as:

Liposuction, Smart Lipo, Laser Hair Removal, & Botox!

Many of these procedures have been made popular on the hit TV Show “The Doctors”. Dr. Brian Kerr and Silk Touch Med Spa have been awarded the ONLY BLACK DIAMOND LEVEL PROVIDER designation in Idaho. Allergan recognizes excellence among the top percentile of providers across the United States. Silk Touch is now in the top 1% of medical offices in the nation, and is recognized as one of the most experienced facilities in using BOTOX , Juvederm and Latisse products. You can be assured that you are coming to one of the most experienced and trusted medical facilities in the United States.

“Our clients are often excited to find that they don’t need to fly to L.A. or New York to find the best cosmetic treatments available.”

We were among the first to offer Laser Hair Removal in 1999 and most recently we introduced the new M22 Laser Skin Rejuvenation system. We were also the first to offer Smartlipo (Smart Lipo) in combination with VASER and Vibration Assisted Liposuction with Dr. Kerr, SmartXide DOT C02 fractional laser skin resurfacing, and Affirm stretch mark treatments. Silk Touch is a BLACK DIAMOND LEVEL Botox & Injectable Provider in Boise & Idaho and that means we do more Botox and Juvederm treatments than anyone else in the area. Dr. Kerr and our highly skilled injectors, specialize in Liquid Face Lifts using BOTOX or Juvederm.

Dr. Brian Kerr is a Mayo Clinic trained, Board Certified Anesthesiologist practicing 16 years at St. Al’s Hospital in Boise, Idaho.  In addition, he has specialized in cosmetic medicine for the past 20 years and has performed over 1200 liposuction procedures to date;  training other doctors throughout the country in using combination of VASER and Smart Lipo Laser Liposuction with AWAKE anesthesia. This leadership  allows Silk Touch to provide services to our patients that are on the leading edge of aesthetic medicine technology.

In addition, Dr. Kerr is a talented and award winning artist and sculptor. If you are considering Laser Assisted Liposuction (Smartlipo), Botox injections, Juvederm or Radiesse injectables, you are in the right hands – these cosmetic procedures are as much about artistic talent as they are about medicine. “Aesthetic medicine has allowed me to combine my medical training and experience with my passion for art.  I feel the same satisfaction in helping my clients achieve the look they want as I do when painting or sculpting.” – Brian Kerr, MD

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Silk Touch Med Spa is proud to partner with Treasure Valley’s StyleSpyGirl! Check out her website here:

—- Original Message —-

A few years ago, I had horribly botched plastic surgery. I thought I had done my research, and got cheekbone augmentation at a local plastic surgeon’s clinic, with full confidence in the doctor… But the procedure he did – along with follow-up surgeries trying to “fix” his shoddy work! – ruined my face and left me crooked, full of scar tissue, and feeling like a monster. It was hell for my self-esteem, not to mention my family’s medical bills! In time, I found a specialist in another city who was able to safely remove the implants that first doctor had crookedly sewn into my face, but the scars and wear & tear on my body and soul were almost overwhelming.

I began searching local specialists to try and rebuild my face, and my self-esteem, consulting and trying out doctor after doctor, but never really getting the attention and care I truly needed. When I walked into Silk Touch Med Spa, I felt immediately at ease! The staff listened to my story, gave me the support and empathy I hadn’t received from other local practitioners (some of whom wouldn’t even make an appointment with me, due to my complicated case!), and helped me form a plan of recovery.

I can happily say, that after two years of treatments and recovery at Silk Touch Med Spa, I feel like myself again! It’s been a long, emotional road, but everyone at Silk Touch treats me with respect and kindness, and the staff there have top-notch training. My face finally feels whole & human, and I am able to greet each day with confidence, thanks to Dr. Kerr, the rest of the staff, and the care I’ve received there. I will forever be grateful that I found them!
Sincerely, Tanya Carnahan – StyleSpyGirl