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Breast Augmentation Boise IDPatients who desire breast enhancement (breast augmentation) but are wary of artificial implants have the option of using their own fat to achieve the desired augmentation. Breast enhancement with fat injection (via fat transfer) gives the breasts a look and feel that is natural with results that can last for years.* Dr. Brian Kerr, MD is experienced in performing fat transfer procedures and offers this minimally invasive breast enhancement at Silk Touch Med Spa in Boise.

What is Fat Transfer and how does it work?

Dr. Kerr harvests excess fat from areas such as the abdomen, flanks, hips or thighs.  For the majority clients, this “fat harvesting” occurs during elective liposuction.  The patient may be lightly sedated but avoids the risk and side effects of general anesthesia.  Both the harvest site and target area are numbed with diluted  local anesthesia.  Once the area is numbed, low-vacuum liposuction is used to remove the living fat cells.  Just as with Smartlipo™ or VASER®, the procedure is minimally invasive via the use of small cannulas for both extraction and the re-injection of your own fat cells.  New techniques have shown up to a 60-70% fat cell survival rate.  (See Breast Enhancement Before and After Photos)

Fat transfer is most commonly used in combination with at least one area of liposuction. Read more about Dr.Kerr’s state-of-the-art liposuction and Smartlipo* techniques here.

Breast Enhancement and Augmentation

Advantages of Breast Enhancement with Fat Transfer

Breast implants generally provide greater augmentation, but also include a greater risk of complications. A recent national study revealed that over 50% of women who have breast implants have needed revision or replacement surgery during their life. Breast enhancement procedure with fat transfer may be superior to traditional breast augmentation in many ways.

  • The tissue is from the woman’s own body, so there is less likelihood of infection or rejection.
  • Unlike silicone or saline-enhanced breasts, which have a reputation for looking and feeling somewhat unreal, the injection of harvested fat will make the breasts feel and appear natural, because they are!  Many women who’ve done the breast implant surgery say they would have chosen the natural route if it had existed before silicone.
  • Silicone and Saline implants have a shelf life.  Women who have gotten these implants often need to go back for replacement surgery after a decade. With multiple surgeries required to maintain the implants, the likelihood that something will go wrong and possibly cause damage is increased.
  • Many of the complications and inconveniences of regular implant surgery do not exist with natural breast augmentation. Natural breast augmentation results in little to no scarring of the tissue.  The recovery time needed afterward is minimal compared with traditional breast augmentation surgery. Natural augmentation also allows for targeted reshaping of the breasts, unlike other procedures.*

Breast augmentation with fat transfer may be the perfect answer for anyone interested in gently enhancing the size and shape of their breasts.  It may also be a great option for women with breast asymmetry issues.

What other areas can be treated with Fat Transfer?

Facial contouring – With aging, our bodies tend to gain fat while our faces tend to lose fat hastening the appearance of wrinkles and hollow cheeks.  Synthetic fillers like Juvederm and Radiesse are frequently used to treat isolated wrinkles but this can be cost prohibitive when larger volumes are needed.   The fat creates a lasting youthful, fuller appearance. Treatable facial areas include: nasal labial lines, cheeks, marionette lines, laugh lines, under eyes, jaw line, cheeks, and reduction of peri-oral lines (smoker lines) around the mouth.  Not only does fat transfer fill wrinkles and restore needed volume  but fat transfer can enhance the texture and quality of the skin.  It is believed that the high concentration of stem cells found in fat may be the reason for this rejuvenating effect.

Brazilian Lift – The Brazilian Lift or Butt Lift is a treatment involving the injection of harvested fat into a patient’s buttocks. Recovery is generally mild and most clients return to work within a day or two. Dr. Kerr harvests fat from donor sites such as the inner thighs, lower abdomen, or love handles during a liposuction procedure. The Brazilian Lift  can enhance  size and shape while preserving a natural feel to the buttocks.   See before and after photos.

Hand Rejuvenation Hands can give away our age quite quickly.   Aging hands will tend to thin showing more prominent veins and the bones of the hand.  This aging effect can be dramatically reversed with fat injections to the back of the hands.

Chin AugmentationFat Transfer is used in this area to correct small or underdeveloped chins without the need to undergo synthetic chin implant surgery. This procedure will strengthen the facial profile and bring a better balance to the facial features.

Labia Majora – For many women, the labia majora can appear deflated with aging or health changes.  As described above this is another area where your own fat cells can restore a more youthful fullness, shape, and appearance.

What is the cost of breast enhancement?

Normally, larger amounts of fat are needed in order to perform a breast enhancement.  For this reason, we do breast enhancements in conjunction with our SmartLipo or VASER liposuction procedures.  The cost of a breast enhancement is separate from the liposuction procedure.  However, the entire procedure is typically less expensive than a breast augmentation using silicone implants.  Prices vary depending on the amount of fat being harvested and re-injected.  A free consultation will allow our staff to determine an individual plan for you.

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*Procedure results are typical and may vary