Ask Dr. Kerr – “Help! My knees jiggle more than my belly!”

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“I am a pretty small person, 5’1″, 120 lbs, size 2 jeans, and I’m generally pretty happy with my body.  One of my only complaints is my fat knees!  I have fat deposits on the insides of my knees that make my legs incredibly unsightly! I’ve looked into how to help reduce this deposit, but everything that I’ve found has said, ‘If you have fat knees, you have fat everywhere.’  Since this isn’t the case, how can I shrink my chubby knees?” Jessica

It sounds like diet and exercise haven’t been enough to help you eliminate the fat around your knees. Smartlipo (Smart Lipo) laser liposuction can help. The below pictured Boise woman came to me with extra fat around her knees. After removing the fat using Smartlipo (Smart Lipo) laser liposuction, her knees now match the rest of her trim body.

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Smart Lipo uses a laser to melt the fat and the fat is suctioned out, the entire procedure lasts about an hour. I used awake anesthesia and the patient was able to get up from the procedure and walk out of the office with no problem.   Recovery time was minimal and she was thrilled with the results; I’m sure you will be too, Jessica. Come in for a free consultation.  — Dr. Kerr



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