Knee Calf and Ankle Liposuction in Boise

Dr. Brian Kerr performs liposuction of the knee, calf and/or ankles at our state-of-the-art facility in Boise, Idaho. In fact Dr. Kerr is one of the few doctors in the world that perform liposuction on these areas. Due to the difficulty of the area, it takes a high amount of technical skill and artistic ability to sculpt these areas.

Because of his amazing results in sculpting these areas, for the past 3 years, Dr. Kerr has been asked to speak the NSOCP conference educating his peers on his artistic technique. Dr. Kerr can achieve top results in Boise, Idaho on liposuction of the knees, calves and ankles.

Calf and Ankle Liposuction

Many men and women struggle with large calves and/or ankles due to genetics. Until recently there has been little people can do to address this area and have turned to hiding their legs with long pants and dresses. Dr. Kerr can sculpt these areas to create shapely, gorgeous legs in just one procedure.

Knee Liposuction

If you’ve ever looked down and wished you had thinner knees – we can help! Some people due to genetics have the tendency to hold onto fat around the knee area. Liposuction of the knees can reduce extra fat and sculpt the knees to proportionally match your natural leg shape. Dr. Kerr of Silk Touch is one of only a few Doctors in the world that will work on knees. So if you’re looking for thinner knees- you’ve definitely found the right place with Dr. Kerr and Silk Touch Med Spa.

Who is a candidate for knee liposuction?

Not everyone who thinks their knees are “fatty” is necessarily candidate for liposuction on the knees. As these are a difficult area, we request clients to come in for a consultation or to send photos first for evaluation (we offer email or virtual consultation for our out of town and international patients

See the before and after photo below as an example for a Knee lipo candidate:

 knee liposuction idaho

See our full Before and After Gallery for Knee, Calf and Ankle Liposuction HERE!

What is the procedure like?

After your initial consultation, you will come in for a pre-op with Dr. Kerr before your procedure. We will go over pre/post-op instructions as well as medications and any new questions you might have. The actual procedure is usually done in about three hours. After the procedure, compression socks will have to worn for two weeks. Lower legs can often take longer to heal since they are gravity dependant and the furthest from the heart. Dr. Kerr tells his liposuction patients that they will feel 80% at the end of week one and 90% at the end of week two, add two weeks healing time on to lower legs.

Skin Tightening & Knee Lipo

As with any liposuction procedure you will get some skin tightening and you will in the knee area as well. The body’s injury response due to the removal of fat will kick in and collagen and elastin will be produced to repair the injury. Holding the tissues under compression will tell the body this is the shape we want you to come back to. How much tightening varies from patient to patient and factors such as age and stretch marks can play a role in how well skin retracts back. If skin laxity is an issue there are other procedures that we can incorporate with liposuction such as our new Thermitight or PDO Threads to promote more skin tightening.

The best way to find out if your knees or lower legs are good candidates for this procedure is to book a complimentary consultation at Silk Touch Med Spa.

Fly-In Program

We see people from around the world for liposuction procedures – specifically for knees, calves, and ankles. We offer virtual consultations to determine your candidacy, go over goals and assist you in booking the procedure.

Our facility is a short drive from the airport and we partner with the beautiful Hilton Garden Inn to provide our out of town patients with the best experience possible. We will assist you on the best day to travel as well as accommodations you may need and any questions you have along the way.

Learn more about our traveling patient’s program HERE!

Are you interested in learning more about our procedure of knee, calf and ankle liposuction in Boise, Idaho? Request A FREE Consultation HERE or call (208) 939-3110 to start your transformation today!