What is a C02 laser treatment?

1336The carbon dioxide CO2 laser has been the premier skin resurfacing tool for the past decade. Its primary advantage over peeling and other laser techniques is that it tightens the skin naturally, while stimulating increased collagen production. The results approximate that of a mini-face lift, without incisions.

CO2 laser resurfacing has been the “Gold Standard” for non surgical facial rejuvenation and removal of facial skin wrinkles and photo aging since 1995.  However, due to it’s power and complete removal of the skin, it requires intravenous or general anesthesia. It also has several limitations including a prolonged and difficult recovery period often lasting three weeks, prolonged facial redness that can last three months, hypopigmentation or lightening of skin color, and the potential for infection which can lead to scarring.

During the past five years new technology called fractional laser resurfacing has been developed which has dramatically shortened recovery time and lessened the occurrence of complications. With fractional laser resurfacing the laser beam is broken up or fractionated into many small micro beams  (DOTs!) which are separated so that when they strike the skin surface small areas of the skin between the beams are not hit by the laser and left intact. These small areas of untreated skin promote a much more rapid recovery and healing with less risk of complications. The small areas treated by the fractional micro beams, called micro treatment zones, cause sufficient laser injury to promote new collagen production and resultant facial skin rejuvenation.

Effectiveness is approximately 80 percent when compared to fully ablative CO2 and may require a second or third treatment, but the downtime is 3-5 days instead of several weeks to months

C02 Fractional can help:

  • Reverse the appearance of aged and sun damaged skin
  • Improve texture and firmness
  • Smooth wrinkles and lines
  • Reduce the appearance of acne and other scars
  • Renew your skin

If you would like to learn more about how CO2 treatments can help you, we would love to meet with you for a free consultation.



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