Spring DIY Skin Care and Beauty Treatments

Spring is known for a lot of things – warmer days, blooming flowers, cute pastel colors. But spring also brings ingredients that are perfect for making your own DIY skincare and beauty products. We’ve compiled four of our favorite DIY skincare and beauty treatments that are cheap, easy and effective. So grab your girls for a spontaneous girl’s night and give these a try!

Mayonnaise-Baby Oil Dry Skin Treatment


2 tablespoons real mayonnaise

1 teaspoon baby oil


Combine both ingredients.

Smooth onto face, neck, rough elbows and knees or anywhere else you feel might benefit from it. Leave for 20 minutes.

Rinse off thoroughly with tepid water

Honey-Avocado Invigorating and Revitalizing Hair Treatment (www.dailygreen.com)


1 medium avocado — peeled and stoned

2 tablespoons honey


Mash together the ingredients in a small bowl.

Massage into hair.

Leave for 20-30 minutes.

Wash hair as usual.

Carrot Butter Milk Squash (www.totalbeauty.com)

For oily skin types, spring is when nature brings the rabbits’ BFF and your skin’s cure — the vitamin A laden carrot.


2 tablespoons of fresh carrot juice

2 tablespoons powdered buttermilk


Mix the juice and buttermilk until you get a smooth paste.

Then, spread the mixture over your clean skin and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes.

Remove by rinsing with lukewarm water and gently pat your face dry with a fluffy towel.

Green Tea Face Scrub 

We have posted this video before, but we can’t get enough of this scrub. Give it a try!



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