Spend a Little, Give a Lot with Oprah & Silk Touch Med Spa

Silk Touch Med Spa invites you to join us in finding ways we can enrich the lives of others through small donations of money or time this holiday season. Inspired by Oprah’s challenge to Spend a Little, Give a Lot – we are compiling local and national organizations where small donations make a BIG difference. With your help we plan to find and feature these organizations on our blog, Twitter and Facebook pages throughout the holiday season.

Twenty bucks buys a pair of movie tickets or a weekend’s worth of your favorite holiday latte’s. But you can do a world of good – from feeding families to educating children – for even less!

Listed below are examples of organizations where a small donation goes a long ways.

Books For Africa

Silk Touch Books For Africa

For just $1 — Two books will be shipped to a classroom in Africa. In many schoolrooms on the continent, 20 children share one textbook!

Little Kids Rock

Silk Touch Little Kids Rock

A donation of just $2 will buy a set of drumsticks for a low-income public school student learning to play the drums.

Life’s Kitchen

In addition to supporting national and global organizations, we value the importance and benefits of giving back to your local community. Life’s Kitchen is a Boise-based nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of at-risk young adults by building independence through comprehensive food-service and life-skills training, and job placement in the food service industry. Visit Life’s Kitchen for lunch, or hire them to cater your holiday partyknowing the proceeds will go to helping change an at-risk teen’s life.

There are many examples of other organizations working to improve and empower our community and we’d love your help finding and featuring them in our Spend a Little Give a Lot campaign.

If you would like to see your favorite local charity or volunteer opportunity featured, please comment on our Facebook page or share it with us on Twitter. We will contact the organization and invite them to share how the Silk Touch community can Spend a Little and Give a Lot locally this holiday season.


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