Six things everyone should know about Botox- Boise, Idaho

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Botox in Boise, Idaho

We all do it. You know, channel our inner Narcissus and spend an hour or so too long in front of our magnifying mirror examining a wrinkle here, a laugh line there, a forehead crease begging to be taken seriously. We poke, prod and pull our face to see what we would look like if our wrinkles and creases just magically disappeared. Then we snap out of it and suddenly realize that in this day and age of modern anti-aging skin care, there are options.  And doctors capable of abracadabra skin magic Houdini himself would marvel at.

Yes, it’s the future, ladies and gentlemen. Cosmetic anti-aging skin care quick fixes that are quickly becoming feasible for the masses. But with any relatively new for most (and exciting for many) anti-aging technology, comes trepidation and horror stories. Tales of women going “too far” with plastic surgery or becoming addicted to BOTOX abound. Myths about Botox and other popular wrinkle fighters have been passed around the office or splashed across tabloids — warning people to proceed with skin care caution.

Before you leap to try “I can’t believe it really works” injectable “miracles,” and especially if you are already indulging, you should find out if the myths surrounding these skin treatments and what is true. Here are some facts about Botox.


  1. If I get Botox will I look plastic and have no movements or emotions?  No
    If done correctly and in proper moderation, Botox will look natural and emotions will still be expressed on your face. The angry emotion that occurs when you furrow your brow will be diminished.  In the right amount, Botox will get rid of those negative emotions, but not affect any other movement in the face like lifting your brows or smiling.
  2. Can you get addicted to Botox? No
    You cannot become physically addicted to Botox.  Although, if you love the way it looks, you are going to want to keep experiencing the results. You can become physiologically addicted to anything that makes you feel good.
  3. Will Botox lasts for six months to a year? Yes & No
    Botox lasts three to four months generally.  Botox can last longer if you don’t allow your muscles to regain strength.  If a person will come in regularly, there have been instances where it has lasted much longer.  Plan on 3-4 months, and then if the Botox lasts longer, it’s icing on the cake.
  4. I heard Botox is the world’s most poisonous poison, and deaths have occurred when using it. Is that true? No
    Total fiction, this is a popular myth.  People think that Botox is a synthetic, terribly dangerous material, it is not — it’s found naturally in nature and used in proper doses it’s therapeutically amazing and safe.  It is very important to make sure you are getting BOTOX Cosmetic made by Allergan.  If you purchase a generic brand off the internet, you could be putting yourself at risk.
  5. Once you get Botox injections do you have to keep getting them (like highlights)? Yes
    Botox lasts for about three to six months, depending on the area…and then it’s gone, so if you want to keep the appearance it gives, you are going to have to continue with future treatments. It’s not a permanent option.
  6. Is Botox painful? No, not if it is done by an experienced injector.  Ice can be used to numb the area or a local anesthetic if a patient is extra sensitive….but most patients consider it pretty quick and easy to get the procedure.

As with any cosmetic procedure, take your time investigating the procedure.   Make sure you feel comfortable by asking questions and have fun! You are about to take a step that will make you look years younger, ENJOY!



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