Silk Touch Med Spa: Beauty on the Go! 5 Must Have Beauty Apps!


Some days I feel like I need more beauty help than others. I’m sure most women feel like this, one day I feel confident about my makeup, hair, clothes, etc. and the next day, nothing I do is right and I feel so terrible about how I look that day! On those bad days, I need help with my beauty regiment!

There are dozens of new beauty apps to help with our “bad” beauty days, whether it is a “bad” hair day, “bad” makeup day, or anything else. I’ve searched “top” beauty lists online, pulled the top five beauty apps from all of them, and listed them here, just for you. Amazingly, the top five is a broad variety of app types: nail polish, spas, makeup, and hair, but if you do not find what you want here, go to iTunes for iPhone users or just look up “beauty apps” in your favorite search engine and see what pops up

When you can’t make it over to Silk Touch Med Spa for some rejuvination, try these 5 apps for some pampering fun:
1. OPI – (Free) iPhone

Do you still try on nail polish shades at the counter to see which one is just right? Then you are going to love this app! No longer do you have to mess with sampling colors and removing polish…The OPI Studio App is here to save the day! Simply adjust the skin tone and nail length to appear as your own hands and you can virtually try on all the hottest OPI shades! No trial and error or buyers remorse involved!

2. SpaFinder
- (Free) iPhone

Want to locate a spa in your area or an area you are traveling to? Then, once you do, do you want to know what specials are going on at those spas? Or what treatments and services each spa offers? And, after finding out all what special and service you want to order, you can book it through this app! How handy is that? It’s so easy that your relaxing has already begun….

3. Sephora To Go – (Free) iPhone

This app allows you to shop for Sephora products through it, as well as read reviews, find out the latest launches, watch tutorial videos and try on OPI nail polish. You can also make lists and it can serve as an in-store tool by scanning products to give you information, related videos and product ratings.

4. Lancôme Make-Up
- (Free) iPhone

Lancôme’s app dispenses product information and news, video tutorials, makeup advice from Lancôme’s make-up artist (who has some application tips on YouTube, as well), a virtual module for creating looks and a lash diagnostic (that helps you pick the perfect mascara).

5. InStyle Hairstyle Try-On (Free) iPhone

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with a different hairstyle but were too afraid to cut your hair or grow it out? Now you don’t have to! Simply load your picture into the app and try on as many different hairstyles as you like! You will see instantly what you look like with that haircut, whether it is short, long, red, blue or blonde… The styles are updated every two weeks and there are cuts ranging from low maintenance to wedding hair.



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