Laser Hair Removal Facts

laser hair removalLaser Hair Removal is the best way to permanently remove unwanted hair. At Silk Touch Med Spa, our lasers are approved by the FDA for permanent hair reduction.

Laser Hair Removal Facts:

Pick the Right Expert

We have the most experience in the Treasure Valley. We have done thousands of treatments since 1999, giving us an edge over other competitors. We have the experience and track record to know how to help you remove your unwanted hair!! We have treated a wide variety of clients, including those with darker skin

How to Prepare

Shave the night before or day of your treatment

What’s the Pain Factor?

The pulsed light in laser hair removal feels like a rubber band popping against your skin, although some machines perform differently. Not every zap will hurt and I’ve found some areas (lower legs) hurt more than others (thighs).

How Long Do They Take?

4-10 treatments on average are needed. Normally with a 6-8 week break in between treatments.

What It’ll Cost You

Laser hair removal cost varies depending on the area of the body. We pride ourselves in offering affordable prices and we recognize that this is a substantial investment. We don’t want it to be just a rich-man’s luxury.

At Silk Touch, our goal is to provide affordable treatment to “the many” rather than expensive treatments to “a few”. Our treatments start at $75 for a small area to $1500+ for a larger areas. This hair removal cost includes multiple treatments.

For more detailed information, and customer testimonials on laser hair removal – please visit our webpage.

If you are interested in learning more about how laser hair removal can work for you, please schedule a FREE CONSULTATION.



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