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Juvederm by Dr. Brian Kerr BEFORE photo Juvederm lip AFTER by Dr. Brian Kerr

Recently an email was sent to Dr. Kerr at Silk Touch Med Spa, Laser & Lipo Center, telling him how much she loved his work. She was excited about the above photo where Juvederm was used to enhance the lips.  She happened to live in Europe and since she couldn’t get to Dr. Kerr in Boise, Idaho, she wondered if he would be willing to share his technique with her own doctor. Dr. Kerr was happy to share his knowledge & expertise.  And here is more of their correspondence.

“Good evening doctor!

I am writing from Europe and I know you do not have to answer my question, but I would be really happy for a short information.

I have seen a photo of a great job you did on lip augmentation with juvederm at your blog. As I live in Europe, unfortunately I can’t go to the US just to get lip augmentation done by you, but if I could I certainly would :).

Nevertheless I’d like to ask my surgeon here, to get the same effect that is visible in your photos as I have exactly same lips as the patient photographed. Therefore I kindly ask for an information on how much of the filler was injected to gain such an effect.” -Megan from Europe

Dr. Kerr’s answer:

“These lips were treated with Juvederm Ultra. As you can tell from the “before” picture this patient already had a very nice bottom lip, however she was very self conscious about her upper lip.

Generally I use about 0.4-0.5 ml in the upper lip and 0.3-0.4 in the lower lip primarily along the vermilion border starting about 2-3 mm from the corner of the mouth and let the Juvederm track medially under slow steady pressure. Often it will track along the vermilion border all the way to the mid line or across to the other side. Occasionally it will stop tracking and I will advance to the point where it has been impeded and begin injecting from that point. In this particular patient I used the entire unit (0.8ml) in the upper lip with about 0.5-0.6mls along the vermilion border and the balance into medial body of the lip to enhance the volume.

This patient continues to return to my Medspa about once a year for touch up of her lips.”

Thanks for your inquiry,

Brian Kerr MD

And then a follow up email to Susie, Dr. Kerr’s wife.

As I have my sister living in the U.S. maybe I could visit your medical center, while visiting her someday 🙂 It would be great to get some lip treatment byDr. Kerr as me and my friends find his work extremely well done- the effect is very natural and the amount of the filler is well- balanced. I hope I get a similar effect from my doctor using Dr. Kerr’s advice and knowledge!

Thank you for your kind interest and support,

Megan M


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