Breast Augmentation without Surgery?

Q: Is there anything I can do to get fuller breasts
besides having plastic surgery?

A: Many of the clients that visit with me would like the “breast fairy” to sprinkle a little magic their way….but are afraid to get breast implants because they do not want to undergo breast surgery (breast augmentation or they don’t like the fake look.

There is an alternative out there that may solve your dilemma. Fat Transfer is a great way to give the breasts a lift.

A study by Louisiana State University found that out of 40 patients who had their own fat transferred from areas like their abdomen and thighs, there was a high satisfaction rate. The patients showed improvement in the shape and size of their breasts which remained natural looking and soft. They had fullness and cleavage. This study concluded that fat transfer is a low-complication alternative to a breast lift with implants. I have found that within my practice clients enjoy fuller, softer breasts and the fat can create the illusion of a breast lift without actual breast lift surgery. Instead, we use laser liposuction, often called VASER to remove the fat and then transfer it to the breasts. Fat Transfer can last for many years. For very low breasts or sagging breasts…surgery is still needed.


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