Back Fat Be Gone!  Smartlipo & Vaser liposuction to the rescue!

Are you tired of bra fat that shows through your shirt or sweaters?

Today’s liposuction is quick and easy.  Smaller procedures are extremely safe with few  complications or downtime.  Dr. Kerr can improve the way you look both in and out of your clothes , and dramatically reduce the unsightly “bra bulges” – the rolls of fat that squeeze out from under the bra like toothpaste every time you put a bra on.

The Back bra roll consists of the area just under your shoulder blade and down toward your hip area.  It can also be above the shoulder blade and extend into your armpit.

After photo Bra fat. al.2008 Smartlipo Vaser Laser Liposuction,Brian Kerr, Silk Touch Med Spa, Boise-resized-600

Before and After Photos of Bra Fat removal

Dr. Kerr uses awake anesthesia that helps to keep the patient comfortable and ensures minimal bruising while he removes fat from the bra area.  The procedure generally takes an hour or two with clients walking out of Silk Touch Med Spa of Boise in just a few short minutes after the procedure.

Results usually take just a couple of weeks, but Swelling & recovery is an individual experience, with most clients reaching desired results within a month with improvement up to one year.   A smoother, flatter bra line can create a more shapely feminine figure.

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