Anti-Aging Tips: 5 Ways To Look Younger

1. Fillers and Injectables

Once you notice one wrinkle, it seems like all you can notice are wrinkles! They are one the first signs of aging, and by far the most requested aging mark to “make disappear”. To treat deep smile lines, forehead wrinkles and crowsfeet, there is nothing that makes more of an immediate difference than fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane and Artefill.

Botox is still number one in treating forehead lines and crowsfeet. Eliminating crowsfeet can take years off your appearance!


2. Restore Volume

As we age, our collagen production slows down significantly making our faces appear thinner, and more gaunt (on the plus side, collagen depletion shows off great bone structure). We also lose fat as we age, making us look even more gaunt. For those of us with fat that migrates downwards,  we can end up looking like we have a square face or “jowls.”

Artefill, the only long lasting filler, is the best choice on the market for replacing lost volume. Laser Skin Resurfacing treatments, using CO2 Fractional Laser, can help boost the production of collagen as well. In addition, CO2 Fractional Lasers can help improve the skin’s texture – helping to remove fine lines, tighten skin and improve complexion.

3. Lips

Lips thin as we age. And if you smoke, your lips will age you even more through the appearance of “smokers lines” around the mouth.  Both of these problems can be easily fixed with Juvederm.

Naturally restoring the volume of lips can not only help you look younger, but can also add more symmetry to the face.

4. Chemical Peels

Ever notice how your foundation looks when it’s applied to scaly, dry skin? You look older and ashier. The celebrities sheer a few years off their faces in under an hour with a professional chemical peel. Chemical peels work by removing the damaged top layers of skin.

There are different strengths of chemical peels, and which one your aesthetician reccomends will depend on the results you are trying to achieve, or the problem you are trying to fix. Chemical peels to brighten complexion are less aggressive, and typically have little to no peeling. Those are reffered to as “Glow Peels.” More aggressive peels that target acne problems and texture issues are typically more aggressive, with peeling that can last for 2-3 days.

The before and after below is using one of our favorite peels of staff and clients here Silk Touch, the SkinMedica Revitalize Peel.


5.  Products

A customized skin care routine is absolutely necessary for anti-aging. You should consult a professional to see what types of products should be used for your individual skin conditions, and how often they should be used. Using the wrong type of products on your skin can cause even more damage if you aren’t careful.

To keep fine lines from becoming wrinkles, many people turn to retinol creams. This miracle ingredient can help keep wrinkles from forming, clear up acne, and can make the skin appear tighter and brighter.

Request a Free Visia Skin Analyis for a customized skin care regimen.

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  1. heress January 12, 2016 at 11:05 am #

    Hi.. I am 38, mother of two kids. Since 1 year I am very desperate about my looks. My facial skin is becoming very loose, hanging and jowling. Now I can notice some creases that develop between the base of my nose and mouth. My husband asked me to go for face lift surgery at Power plastic surgery,Toronto. Has anyone done this surgery before and will it be effective?

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