5 Non-surgical Cosmetic Procedures that Improve Your Appearance

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No one really wants to go under the knife?  Do they?

Now there are a number of less-invasive skin rejuvenation procedures that can help give you a new look with minimal downtime and discomfort.  For more information about five non-surgical procedures that will improve your look, read on…

Chemical Peels

Remove the damaged outer layers of skin to reveal a softer, smoother looking you. A chemical peel exfoliates the first layer of skin, allowing younger, fresher skin to take its place. This reduces the amount of wrinkles and uneven pigmentation and can even improve adult acne.


Botox is such a deceptively simple process that patients sometimefs forget that an experienced injector should be doing the treatment.  Botox can be injected in the forehead to relax the muscles.  An experienced injector will know how to give a good eyebrow lift, create fullness in the upper lip, relax the downturned corners of the mouth, reduce wrinkles around the eyes and more.  Regular injections every 3-4 months will  decrease the look of wrinkles and may even keep fine lines from forming.

Cosmetic Fillers- Juvederm, Radiesse, Selphyl and others

Cosmetic Fillers are often confused with Botox because both are injectables, but they couldn’t be more different. Botox reduces wrinkles by relaxing facial muscles; cosmetic fillers actually give volume to the face, filling in the wrinkles, giving skin a smoother, more youthful look. Radiesse or Selphyl are best used as face volumizers to give back volume where it has diminished over time. Many physicians prefer Juvederm to “plump up” lips.

Laser Skin Resurfacing- CO2

There are many different varieties of laser skin resurfacing, but all decrease the prominence of age spots or sun damage, and restore youthful firmness to loose skin. These procedures are excellent at clearing up wrinkles, too. Laser skin resurfacing is an attractive option for patients with large-scale skin damage, since it can be performed on areas of the body other than just the face.

Laser Skin Tightening

Again, there are a variety of lasers for skin tightening.  They tighten the skin sending energy that damages the skin in a healthy controlled way; promoting new cell growth and collagen.  Radio Frequency may be used to tighten without any down time or discomfort. Skin Tightening Lasers go deep in the skin with thermal energy to lift, tighten and stimulate the skin to form new collagen.

If you are interested in any of these non-surgical options, then schedule an appointment with the office of Brian Kerr, MD at Silk Touch Med Spa, Laser & Lipo Center of Boise.  Dr. Kerr is a skilled Cosmetic Physician and artist who performs many non-surgical treatments.  If you are considering plastic surgery, a non-surgical cosmetic procedure may be enough to turn back time without cutting the skin.   Dr. Kerr specalizes in Laser Liposuction, Vein Treatments and more.  Silk Touch has been given the distinction of being the only Allergan Diamond level Botox provider in Idaho.  It is in the top 1% of all medical offices in the nation.  You can be assured you have the most experienced team. For more information, visit our website or Call Today 208.939.8442


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