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As an aging baby boomer who does not want to age ever, I sought the services of Dr. Kerr. From the first meeting with his wife Susie and staff, I was very impressed with their personal style and professionalism. Dr. Kerr is an absolute joy to work with. He made me look 10 years younger and is very detail oriented. He strives for perfection in his work. I look forward to having more work done in the near future and I know it will make me very happy.
Linda Lawhead

I absolutely LOVE THE WAY MY SKIN LOOKS SINCE I’VE STARTED COMING TO Silk Touch. Everyone is fantastic here. Tiffany has taken great care of me not only with the treatments but making recommendations and keeping my budget in mind. I never knew my skin could look so good! Thank you all!

I have now, at age 60, the best skin of my life since I’ve been coming to Silk Touch Med Spa and seeing Tiffany who helped develop a treatment plan for me. I am so thrilled because when I was a teen, my face was a field of pimples. It was awful for many years and left scars, mainly on my cheeks. So far, I’ve had 2 IPLs and 2 chemical peels and what a difference they have made. I can go without makeup for the first time in my life because I have no pimples, scars, blotches, brown spots, etc. that I’d ordinarily have to cover up. Friends and even people I don’t know remark at how good my skin looks. I’m often told I don’t look at all my age. The treatments have given me a very youthful glow, smooth, even skin tone, skin tightening (a real plus) and kept wrinkles at bay. I am so thrilled. Thank you Tiffany and Silk Touch. I look better now than I ever have, truly.
Karen K.

First I have to confess- I normally don’t write testimonials but I had to share this with any of you who are considering Smartlipo at Silk Touch. I am 41 years old and am in pretty good shape, work out regularly, but I have always been a solid size 10 or 12 no matter what I put my body through.

I selected Silk Touch to do my abs and thighs for many reasons. Susie spent a great deal of time with me explaining the procedure, evaluating my needs and mapping out a game plan. She showed me results of past patients as well as let me talk to the staff who had been though the procedure. They all look fabulous! The entire staff has been wonderful for all the years I have been going there.

I am a results-oriented/numbers person. To measure success I had to see a change in inches and clothing sizes. Today I went shopping for a new suit. I picked up my normal size 10 (on a good day, size 12 on a bad day) and it was too big! i tried the next size, size 8 and it was too big! Finally, the size 6 fit perfectly. In all my life I never thought I would wear a size 6! I went from a size 31 waist to a 27!

If you read about Smartlipo on the internet you will find that many people have bad experiences and end up worse than when they started. I have read everything there is to read and know that success depends on the skill and experience of the Doctor. Dr. Kerr is an accomplished artist and a perfectionist and it shows in his work (I am living proof.) He and Mariah are very detailed in the operating room and actually made the procedure fun—believe it or not.

Smartlipo at Silk Touch is a great gift to give yourself if the gym just isn’t giving you the results you are looking for.

Dr. Kerr and Staff, Thank you for the great care that you have provided me with. I appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you all again.
Lisa M.

Mariah, Thank you for taking care of me during my treatments. You made me feel comfortable & cared for. I appreciate that! I wish you and Dr. Kerr the best.
Mr. J. Smith

I’ve had excessive hanging underarm fat my entire adult life, becoming more pronounced recently. Although being very hot-blooded, I would never wear sleeveless tops because of my arms, which added to my discomfort during the summer.

I made the decision to try Smartlipo with Dr. Kerr. The whole process has been very pleasant. His entire staff works to make your experience a good one. My results at only 2 months post-procedure are better than I dared dream. I can now wear sleeveless tops without embarrassment and enjoy my summer instead of dreading it. Thank you, Dr. Kerr. You’re amazing!

Smartlipo on my abdomen. I had a wonderful experience at Silk Touch Medspa. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. They explained the procedure thoroughly so that I could understand what would happen and the results that I could expect. The procedure itself was much more mild than I thought it would be and I experienced very little discomfort. My recovery went like clock-work and despite being a little sore the first week, I was back to work within a couple of days, and resumed life as normal within a couple of weeks. My results are fantastic and it is so amazing to finally be able to wear a shirt tucked in and not be self conscious.
J. Johnson

Smartlipo has defined my abs and flanks to the way they always were (before menopause and hyper-active thyr0id took the toll). The financial investment is worth the result of feeling like a woman again (instead of a frumpy middle-age has-been).

Dr. Kerr is an artist, which by looking at his paintings, I knew he would know how to sculpt a woman’s body.

My after-Smartlipo-body is evenly distributed and shapely. Today my 26 year-old daughter said to me, “Now I know what I am going to look like at 56.” She said I have a nice body and an hour-glass shape. The above results are all because of Dr. Kerr’s excellent work.
C. G. , Eagle

Laser liposuction: Thanks Doctor. Very good job. I think you are the best. I love the results…very professional. Have a good day and keep making people happy like you did to me. It changed my life and confidence.
P. Johnson

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