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Brian Kerr, MD is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 86 ratings.

Dr. Kerr is amazing. I was very nervous and leery of lip fillers. I went in for line fillers and Dr. Kerr recommended lip filler instead. I have seen some bad ones and I just wanted to look natural. I trusted him and was very happy I did. He did a little turning back of time. Will definitely have it done again. Highly recommend this procedure!

I really enjoy using Cosmetic Fillers and BOTOX to restore the face to a more youthful look. My clients tell me how much they appreciate my artistic approach and of course they love that I can do it with minimal discomfort. Using my skills as an artist an anesthesiologist with a cosmetic training, I treat each of my patients as a canvas, using an artist’s eye to sculpt areas of the body just as I can sculpt a piece of clay into a work of art.
Dr. Brian Kerr

I wanted to get into cosmetic surgery because I love the beauty of human anatomy, artistry involved, and ability to create. If you watch a surgeon and an experienced staff perform a procedure together it’s like watching a dance, in that moves are being made without any vocalization with great efficiency and accuracy. The final product is the culmination of your artistic vision and the underlying anatomy of the patient.
Dr. Jason Nealy

No pain & no discomfort whatsoever. I can see an improvement right away, it was instant gratification & I’m very pleased with the results.

I feel very confident & very comfortable. Completely painless.

Minimally painful & went by quicker than I thought. I like that I can instantly go in & I can see the results. I don’t have to wait for things to happen in the course of time.

The combination of the Smartlipo technology and Vaser Liposuction technology is without comparison. We noticed this right away. We get much better results than with just Smart lipo alone. The Smartlipo device did a good job of tightening the skin, but the combination of the two sets a new standard.
Brian C. Kerr, MD Medical Director, Silk Touch Med Spa, Boise

I truly feel compelled to submit my review after such an exceptional experience with Dr. Kerr, Lindsey, Stephanie and the Silk Touch Med Spa providers. I am an apple shape – top heavy and no hips or bottom. My entire life I fought it with diets, exercise, you name it. Women’s pants, forget it. Long tops to hide my disproportionate body, ugh. I’ve spent 58 years feeling unattractive, unladylike, awkward and out of place. And I always said ‘if they could just take it off here and put it over here’ … Enter Dr. Kerr and lipo sculpture. After much research I felt this was definitely a procedure that could work for me, unlike other cosmetic surgeries I’d looked at over the years. Minimally invasive, short downtime, very reasonable cost, easy decision. Finding Dr. Kerr came after several consultations with other doctors in our area. He not only has an impressive medical background, he is a gifted artist and the combination led me to pretty incredible results! I am over the moon in love with my ‘normal’ girl body, and I can’t say thank you enough to Dr. Kerr! This is a 5 Star recommendation to strongly consider Dr. Brian Kerr if you are on such a journey. Silk Touch offers what no others do, at less cost and with awesome results!

I have to admit… I could become an aesthetic junkie! There are so many things I wish I could do Silk Touch Med Spa. My husband and I were so impressed with Dr. Kerr and his new partner, Dr. Epperson, and all the staff. I would highly recommend Silk Touch to anyone and will! The whole experience was extremely calming and pleasant. Thank you so much for all you did to help facilitate a long time desired result.

A few years ago, I had horribly botched plastic surgery. I thought I had done my research, and got cheekbone augmentation at a local plastic surgeon’s clinic, with full confidence in the doctor… But the procedure he did – along with follow-up surgeries trying to “fix” his shoddy work! – ruined my face and left me crooked, full of scar tissue, and feeling like a monster. It was hell for my self-esteem, not to mention my family’s medical bills! In time, I found a specialist in another city who was able to safely remove the implants that first doctor had crookedly sewn into my face, but the scars and wear & tear on my body and soul were almost overwhelming.

I began searching local specialists to try and rebuild my face, and my self-esteem, consulting and trying out doctor after doctor, but never really getting the attention and care I truly needed. When I walked into Silk Touch Med Spa, I felt immediately at ease! The staff listened to my story, gave me the support and empathy I hadn’t received from other local practitioners (some of whom wouldn’t even make an appointment with me, due to my complicated case!), and helped me form a plan of recovery.

I can happily say, that after two years of treatments and recovery at Silk Touch Med Spa, I feel like myself again! It’s been a long, emotional road, but everyone at Silk Touch treats me with respect and kindness, and the staff there have top-notch training. My face finally feels whole & human, and I am able to greet each day with confidence, thanks to Dr. Kerr, the rest of the staff, and the care I’ve received there. I will forever be grateful that I found them!
Tanya Carnahan

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