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“This month (Oct 08), I turn 50. I have never had or even considered cosmetic surgery. I’ve never even died my hair. Something caught my attention with Smart Lipo and I decided that this may be a way to help with the fat that has accumulated around my middle and my “old lady arms”. I did my abdomen in July and after only 3 weeks was very excited to do my love handles, back and arms in September. It has been only 5 weeks since the rest of my smart lipo. My clothes fit so much better. Clothes I really didn’t like now look so much different and I love it! The recovery from my first lipo with just my abdomen was very fast. The 2nd, doing more than one area, took a little longer but I knew the results would be worth it! I feel so much better about the way I look and feel after only a few weeks and I know it will get better as the weeks turn into months. I love the way my husband looks at me and I am excited each morning to get dressed. It is GREAT! Thanks Susie,

- Jenny

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