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“First I have to confess- I normally don’t write testimonials but I had to share this with any of you who are considering Smartlipo at Silk Touch. I am 41 years old and am in pretty good shape, work out regularly, but I have always been a solid size 10 or 12 no matter what I put my body through.

I selected Silk Touch to do my abs and thighs for many reasons. Susie spent a great deal of time with me explaining the procedure, evaluating my needs and mapping out a game plan. She showed me results of past patients as well as let me talk to the staff who had been though the procedure. They all look fabulous! The entire staff has been wonderful for all the years I have been going there.

I am a results-oriented/numbers person. To measure success I had to see a change in inches and clothing sizes. Today I went shopping for a new suit. I picked up my normal size 10 (on a good day, size 12 on a bad day) and it was too big! i tried the next size, size 8 and it was too big! Finally, the size 6 fit perfectly. In all my life I never thought I would wear a size 6! I went from a size 31 waist to a 27!

If you read about Smartlipo on the internet you will find that many people have bad experiences and end up worse than when they started. I have read everything there is to read and know that success depends on the skill and experience of the Doctor. Dr. Kerr is an accomplished artist and a perfectionist and it shows in his work (I am living proof.) He and Mariah are very detailed in the operating room and actually made the procedure fun—believe it or not.

Smartlipo at Silk Touch is a great gift to give yourself if the gym just isn’t giving you the results you are looking for.

- Heather

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