—- Original Message —- I truly feel compelled to submit my review after such an exceptional experience with Dr. Kerr, Lindsey, Stephanie and the Silk Touch Med Spa providers. I am an apple shape – top heavy and no hips or bottom. My entire life I fought it with diets, exercise, you name it. Women’s pants, forget it. Long tops to hide my disproportionate body, ugh. I’ve spent 58 years feeling unattractive, unladylike, awkward and out of place. And I always said ‘if they could just take it off here and put it over here’ … Enter Dr. Kerr and lipo sculpture. After much research I felt this was definitely a procedure that could work for me, unlike other cosmetic surgeries I’d looked at over the years. Minimally invasive, short downtime, very reasonable cost, easy decision. Finding Dr. Kerr came after several consultations with other doctors in our area. He not only has an impressive medical background, he is a gifted artist and the combination led me to pretty incredible results! I am over the moon in love with my ‘normal’ girl body, and I can’t say thank you enough to Dr. Kerr! This is a 5 Star recommendation to strongly consider Dr. Brian Kerr if you are on such a journey. Silk Touch offers what no others do, at less cost and with awesome results!
- T.S.


—- Original Message —- I have to admit… I could become an aesthetic junkie! There are so many things I wish I could do Silk Touch Med Spa. My husband and I were so impressed with Dr. Kerr and his new partner, Dr. Epperson, and all the staff. I would highly recommend Silk Touch to anyone and will! The whole experience was extremely calming and pleasant. Thank you so much for all you did to help facilitate a long time desired result.
- Marcene

Tanya Carnahan

—- Original Message —- A few years ago, I had horribly botched plastic surgery. I thought I had done my research, and got cheekbone augmentation at a local plastic surgeon’s clinic, with full confidence in the doctor… But the procedure he did – along with follow-up surgeries trying to “fix” his shoddy work! – ruined my face and left me crooked, full of scar tissue, and feeling like a monster. It was hell for my self-esteem, not to mention my family’s medical bills! In time, I found a specialist in another city who was able to safely remove the implants that first doctor had crookedly sewn into my face, but the scars and wear & tear on my body and soul were almost overwhelming. I began searching local specialists to try and rebuild my face, and my self-esteem, consulting and trying out doctor after doctor, but never really getting the attention and care I truly needed. When I walked into Silk Touch Med Spa, I felt immediately at ease! The staff listened to my story, gave me the support and empathy I hadn’t received from other local practitioners (some of whom wouldn’t even make an appointment with me, due to my complicated case!), and helped me form a plan of recovery. I can happily say, that after two years of treatments and recovery at Silk Touch Med Spa, I feel like myself again! It’s been a long, emotional road, but everyone at Silk Touch treats me with respect and kindness, and the staff there have top-notch training. My face finally feels whole & human, and I am able to greet each day with confidence, thanks to Dr. Kerr, Autumn & the rest of the staff, and the care I’ve received there. I will forever be grateful that I found them! Sincerely, Tanya Carnahan
- Tanya Carnahan

Jeannie, Alabama

—- Original Message —- Dr. Kerr did a great job on me! I knew he would, though. He’s so talented and has such an eye for detail! So glad I made the trip out to Boise! Wanted to thank you again for the sweet skin products you gave me! I used some last night and my face felt so smooth afterwards! So sweet and thoughtful, Donna! Also, thank ALL of you for taking such good care of me!! Unreal! Couldn’t have done this trip solo if you hadn’t been so helpful! Hugs for all of you!! Thanks,
- Jeannie, Alabama

Allison, Boise, ID

After a rhinoplasty surgery with a premier plastic surgeon in California 10 years ago, I had to have a revision due to complications of tissue atrophy on the bridge of my nose. A second surgery a year later helped but didn’t completely solve the problem, so I just lived with a noticeable dent on the bridge of my nose. A few months ago, I happened across a Before/After photo on Silk Touch Med Spa’s website of a nose job revision using liquid fillers. I hadn’t even known that was possible! At a single appointment and at a fraction of the cost, Dr. Kerr used Voluma (one of a few fillers available for this procedure, but the best option for me) to sculpt the deficit on the bridge of my nose. I could not be any happier with my results; it’s perfect. Thank you Dr. Kerr and staff! I only wish I had known about this years ago!
- Allison, Boise, ID

Dee, Idaho RN

—- Original Message —- I have never been so impressed with the professionalism of an establishment as much as with Silk Touch. The entire Silk Touch Team is proficient, courteous, understanding and knowledgeable in various areas. I have worked in the medical field for fourteen years alongside many medical professionals and can honestly say the medical teams at Silk Touch are superior in their care and expertise. Dr. Kerr is amazing, with an artist’s eye he does not simply do a procedure, he breathes life into it- sculpting and creating as he goes. I have had two lipo treatments by Dr. Kerr and want to say how impressed I am with his work. He has given me a new beginning, and brought ME back from a place where I didn’t know who I was anymore. I would look in the mirror and wonder who this lady was staring back at me. I told Dr. Kerr you have given me my soul back- I am free and healthier than ever. Autumn also is an excellent provider- trained by Dr. Kerr she has provided me with many services that are first rate. I have also had Venus Freeze treatments and am impressed with how these treatments have helped me to re-define my girlish figure. If you are considering Lipo- know you are in safe hands and will be impressed with Dr. Kerr’s abilities. You will be treated like a queen and absolutely feel like you went to the best!
- Dee, Idaho RN


—- Original Message —- From my first consultation, you and your staff have been the most caring, professional group and I just wanted to say thank you for everything!
- M.H


—- Original Message —- I have never received such quality care. I had a reaction to artefill and I thought I would just have to live with it. Dr, Kerr went over and above to make it right. I am very pleased with my results of subsequent treatments. Autum is great and Dr. Kerr is amazing. Thank you!
- Anonymous


—- Original Message —- I have been going to Silk Touch for years for my injectables. Dr. Kerr is so talented and experienced that I feel complete confidence in his hands. I was reluctant to change providers, but Dr. Kerr assured me that he had trained Autumn well and that I could be confident in her experience. Since Dr. Kerr and Silk Touch do thousands of injections a year, Autumn has been able to do hundreds of injections in a short period of time. I am told that Silk Touch is the only Diamond level provider of Botox in Idaho which means they do more than any other practice. That is so awesome! I would highly recommend this practice to anyone who is considering injections.
- Anonymous

Jude H.

—- Original Message —- I had a botox/filler consultation with Stephanie (I’m not 100% positive but I think it was her name) She was excellent. She told me what she thought I needed to have done to ‘fix’ what I was not happy with and gave me some sample skin care products to use while I waited for my appointment. I have been more than happy with the products and will be purchasing these for permanent use! I love Silk Touch, they more than met my expectations and I can’t wait to go back for my upcoming procedures.
- Jude H.

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