Are You Feeling Down After Your Plastic Surgery?

brunette girl sitting on the couch at home with a headache and back pain. You may have pictured your life after your plastic surgery procedure as near-perfect. After all, you’ve been wanting that breast augmentation or tummy tuck surgery for quite a while now – so why do you feel depressed?

Post-surgery Depression

You may know someone who had a life-saving (and life-changing) surgery such as a heart operation and faced depression afterward, and that may make sense to you – but why are you depressed after a plastic surgery procedure?

It is actually very common for someone to feel down in the weeks after a surgical procedure, no matter why the procedure was done and whether it was elective or life-saving. For one thing, surgery is always stressful on the body, not matter why it is done. The nervous system is disrupted during surgery, and depression may be the way the brain reacts to this disruption. Or, maybe it is hard for you to imagine what the final results will be when all the swelling and bruising go down – you may be wondering why you had the procedure at all and why you don’t look like you thought you would.

There are some ways you can deal with those feelings of sadness:

• Realize some sadness is normal. It might help to remember that a lot of people go through the same thing after a procedure.

• Have realistic expectations. It is important to have a discussion with your doctor about what you can expect right after the procedure, a week after the procedure, and even a year after the procedure.

• Use your support system. Don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed that you aren’t thrilled after your surgery. It’s OK to reach out to friends and family and let them know that you are having a hard time and need some support.

• Give yourself time to recover. Taking time to relax and take care of yourself after a procedure is good for both your body and your mind – don’t rush your recovery.

Are you considering a plastic surgery procedure? The staff at Silk Touch want you to look great after your procedure, but they also want you to feel great! Contact the office in Boise, ID, at 208-715-9387 for a consultation today!

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